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What is The Border MASSIVE? 

The first phase: The Border MASSIVE is an on-line salon focusing on the American Southwest.

There have been several attempts to do something like this – an online salon about the border – and all have failed in one major way or another. The common denominator of those failures has been that they either refused to, or couldn’t for lack of knowledge or experience, have a perspective that transcended the US-Mexico border.
The Border MASSIVE will be all about that transcendence.

The Southwest is ‘hot’ right now, and not just the temperature. From “The Bridge” – shot in El Paso and Juarez, to “Breaking Bad” – shot in Albuquerque, to just about every other car commercial being shot out in the desert, to the high-art pilgrimage of Marfa,TX… there is an international interest in the culture and aesthetics of the contemporary American Southwest, and I do not mean ‘cowboy-art’.
It’s something very different. It is informed by Bauhaus Modernism but is more subtle. It is part European via the influence of Spain and Mexico, and simultaneously it is as American as John Wayne and Ronald Reagan, or CBGB’s and Patty Smith. It is the seismic demographic and cultural shift that is only on the horizon on ‘the coasts’, and it is a precursor of where America is headed. I can not definitively describe it but will try in future posts, and over time, if you keep coming back to this site, you will see and experience it.

The Border MASSIVE will be about what’s going on here on the border but it will also be about where the Southwestern US fits into a broader state-wide, national, and an international dialogue. The primary starting point will be the arts, but as we’ve seen since the ’80’s… aesthetics, and the personal, are political – and we will not shy away from any of it. We will cover whatever is going on – on the border, in Texas, Southern New Mexico, and throughout the Southwest. We will have guest columns and regular posts. But I will assure you we will never have “human interest stories” fronting as journalism [see: ABC News, Time, Newsweek, the corporate media, et al. and all those who are working really hard to dumb down this society].

I understand art, culture, and computing probably more than most people in the American Southwest, and I will bring everything I’ve got to this endeavor. I will aim high, and I may miss the mark, but my goals will always be excellence in everything I do, and to point out excellence wherever I find it.
And that willingness to aim high already sets this publication apart from most of the media in the American Southwest, if not most of the US media landscape.

The Border MASSIVE is a site for informed discussions, artists profiles and portfolio presentations, art reviews, art discussions, science, political discussions and anything of interest to the creative class. It most definitely is not for everyone. We will not water down the dialogue…  you can find that elsewhere on the local radio, TV, or newspapers who cater to an eighth grade education level.  We will present a fact-driven world, you might even call it old-fashion journalism, and you are going to be amazed at the difference. And, we will strive to keep the character assassinations, flame wars, and trolling to a minimum. It is meant to augment (or maybe even supplant) the general level of discussions found elsewhere on the border, and it will be the forerunner of…

Phase two: a “brick and mortar” gallery/salon/and artists studios – coming soon in El Paso, TX.

1). Ideally, the gallery will present the best of the Border artists – half of the year, we will give emerging artists their first exposure outside of a college setting, as well as propelling talented mid-career artists into a broader market. The other half of the year, we will facilitate established artists to come to El Paso to have mini-residencies, give master classes, show their work, and discover the richness of the Border.  The overarching intent will be a ‘cross-pollination’ of creativity: local artists will be introduced to established artists and be given an introduction to the international art world (networking), and those visiting artists will be given a taste of the warmth of the contemporary Border creative community (and will, hopefully, return to their homes/academies generating positive buzz about the creative Border).
2). A major part of the mix will also be providing affordable artist’s studios that will help pay for the gallery and overhead, and will provide much needed studio spaces for local artists.
3). And if resources allow, we will represent local artists at major art fairs in other major markets like Houston, Dallas, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Again, the proceeds generated by these sales will go towards supporting the gallery and overhead.

As the publisher, I’ve prepared for this for over half a century.  I’ve done every part of this project before, in some way, somewhere, and did it at the highest level possible.  The Border MASSIVE will bring all these diverse skills/threads together so that the total will be much larger than the sum of it’s parts, and now is the time.  With the daily demonization of the Border in the national and international media, we will counter that narrative with a reality of a dynamic, positive, MASSIVE creativity.

I hope that this will be one of my life’s “works”, and I will work tirelessly to see it be a thing of beauty, and worthy of respect.  I think it will show, and I hope you enjoy it!
So, thank you for getting this far… and please bookmark the home page, and stay tuned.

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